Seltzer Machinery

The Brooklyn Seltzer Museum is full of remarkable machines that combine water and CO2 into bubbly seltzer. Below you can explore many of what the Museum visitors experience to understand the role each plays in the process. Watch the video. Zoom and spin the 3D models. Test your knowledge with the virtual wooden puzzle.

Secret of Seltzer Video

This video – The Secrets of Seltzer Production: A 3D Model Tour – shows how three key machines contribute to the seltzer-making process.

3D Models

User Instruction: To navigate to the next item, simply click the right arrow. If you want to read the description, click on the exclamation mark “!” icon. Click on the ON button to toggle the animation and audio.

Seltzer Making Process

When the factory is open, visitors to the Brooklyn Seltzer Museum can observe every step in the seltzer production process. Afterwards they are challenged to recreate the journey of seltzer as it moves from one machine to another using a wooden puzzle.

That very puzzle has been digitized and turned into an online interactive. See how many turns it takes you to rebuild the journey of seltzer. Get ready to bubble up some fun!

User Instruction: Drag the eight pieces over the gray drop zones. When your cursor is inside, the zone turns pink, indicating you drop the piece into place. After placing all of the pieces, click “Check” at the bottom left to see how many you got right. Can you solve the puzzle and set the seltzer to flow?

If you are unsure how to begin, just grab a piece and watch what happens.

(To view the solution, click on the blurred image below.)

onClick Demo

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