Gothamist – I’m visiting every museum in NYC. Here are 9 worth a journey

We’re back in the Gothamist! Jane August is visiting every museum in New York City. So far she’s been to 106 of them. The Gothamist asked her to share some of the standouts, and the Brooklyn Seltzer Museum landed on the top of her list! Thank you Jane.

Before there was LaCroix and White Claw, New Yorkers’ fizzy drink of choice was good ole seltzer water in a glass bottle with a siphon. In May, the Brooklyn Seltzer Boys factory opened up the Brooklyn Seltzer Museum to share the drink’s 1,500-year history and why New Yorkers love it so much.

The museum is in East New York at Brooklyn Seltzer Boys – a family run business now in its fourth generation where they make, bottle, and deliver seltzer to the tri-state area.

You can only visit the museum by taking a tour, which they currently offer every Friday. On ours, hosted by the owner Alex Gomberg, we learned about the seltzer-making process, saw the bottling in action, and participated in seltzer and egg cream tastings. For more information, visit The Brooklyn Seltzer Museum. Tickets are $25.

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