Family Seltzer Party

Family Seltzer Party!

This month we held our first Family seltzer party. On December 3, from noon to 4:00, the Brooklyn Seltzer Museum was open all afternoon for families with children, and their friends. It was an afternoon of wild experimentation in all the different ways we could activate different areas of the museum and bring facilitated, family-friendly activities to the public.

Specifically, for younger children, we offered an event-specific coloring page, a seltzer book reading, egg cream mixing (with child-sized siphons!), and a bubble dance party! We’d planned for a seltzer sing-a-long but that fell through at the last minute.

For teenagers we offered the opportunity to put together a seltzer siphon from scratch and then spray it (after watching it get filled in the filler.) Turned out, the adults wanted in on the action so we eventually welcomed them to join in on the fun. The scavenger hunt, for teens and adults, also came in a multiple-choice version intended for younger children; prizes for the hunt were museum mascots and logo stickers.

The egg cream station was available throughout, as was the tv screen with specially curated seltzer video clips, the chanukah-themed mascot selfie station, the seltzer cornholes, the seltzer production wooden puzzles… and of course all of the exhibits in the Museum.

We look forward to building on the best, chucking the rest, and bringing it all back in 2024. Hope to see you then!

(Until then, click below on some of the great photos from the day to review the gallery)